Friday, November 24, 2006

Oceans Revenge

According to Matt Damon, speaking to Empire, the third Oceans film - not the thirteenth, though I can see how visiting martians might be confused - is a revenge film. Al Pacino's character does something bad to one of the eleven... twelve.... thirteen, and they get together to exact revenge.

What's the betting that he's killed Tess? That's where my chips are resting. I'll begin digging right away in an attempt to get this confirmed or denied.

Oceans 13 is one of the many threequels due next summer. Most aren't too appealing, such as the Shrek or Pirates ones, but a couple certainly are, particularly this one and the new Spider-Man. Of course, just like any other films, sequels come in a variety of flavours, some good, some bad - it's just popular to be cynical about them. When making a sequel there might well be a struggle between a cash-hungry studio and a creative team with integrity, of course there might - but why any more so than on any other studio film?

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