Friday, November 03, 2006

Pi + Vanilla Sky + Jacob's Ladder = The Number 23?

Somebody needs to have a word with scriptwriter Fernley Phillips and director Joel Schumacher. There is a number that, seemingly inexplicably, crops up all too often - in phone numbers, special anniversaries, lottery draws - but it's not the number 23.

Nope. It's the number 38. Don't believe me? Well, you watch the next lottery draw and see if the number 38 comes up...

The Number 23 is Schumacher's new movie, starring Jim Carrey who is 'going against type' once again, even though this probably marks the limit of his typecasting now, and officially, he no longer has a type. The trailer has just popped up online, a few months ahead of the February 23rd release date. Oh, if only months had 38 days in them...

The trailer looks quite daft, certainly very derivative, and I suspect the whole mystery has quite a ludicrously implausible, if not impossible, solution. Look what thou have wrought, M. Night Shyamalan: like Tarantino before you, you have inspired a legion of plodding disciples, a procession of pee-weak imitators. I'm not blaming you, but I am rather sick and tired of them.

I suppose Schumacher may think he too is going against type here, but I don't think so, because his type is 'Just Plain Bad'.

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