Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Sam Raimi Offered The Hobbit

I don't know if this means Jean-Pierre Jeunet turned the gig down or not, but according to The One Ring website, Sam Raimi has been offered The Hobbit. Seems like a sensible choice - Spider-Man 2 is a better film than anything jackson ever directed, and that includes Heavenly Creatures. Just about.

So when are they going to approach (birthday boy) Terry Gilliam?

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wow. someone who loves spider-man 2 even more than me. shocking. only it isn't greater than Heavenly Creatures... so few things are.

i think Raimi would be a good choice for The Hobbit. I woulda said it had to be Jackson until he issued that dumbass statement about needing to add to the story to make it long enough for two films.

NOT everything must be long and epic Peter --sometimes 90 minutes is just right. duh.