Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Spider-Man 3 Character Designs

These are the Spider-Man 3 character designs that were removed from Aint It Cool in the last few hours - Sandman, Harry in his Dad's get-up as the Hobgoblin or Green Goblin 2 or whatever, and Mr. Gloopy Venom himself.

The story I'm hearing is that they are video game design work, but based upon the characters exactly as they appear in the movie. I can personally confirm that at least two of them are pretty much on the money as far as the film's look is concerned.

Click on the pics to make them much, much bigger, or, if you want to know much, much more about the film's plot and big scenes, have a good look around here at film ick.


Anonymous said...

sweeet. they all look good wats the main plot of the new film

Anonymous said...

I like the design hate the detail. he should look more biological since eddie never wore a spiderman suit when he got the symbiote

Anonymous said...

In the original comics you always saw venom's veins. That is accented in this design. Since the symbiote is living, it retains memory and so tranfers that memory to the Brock.