Monday, November 13, 2006

Spurious Sofia Copolla Drivel

Apparently, Sofia Copolla wants to cast Eva Longoria and Beyonce Knowles in an adaptation of Sarah Walters' novel Tipping the Velvet. Well... I don't believe it.

At all.

The rumour has popped up in my inbox twice now, and I also saw somebody post about it on digg... but think just for one second, and I hope you'll agree, Longoria and Knowles are 'a bit of a stretch' for a film set in Victorian England. Take a look at the cover of the book here and tell me if it brings them to mind or not - like taking a Rorschach test for a strange, particular perversion.

Yep, even with Copolla's taste for stunt anachronisms, odd bit of wonky casting and bottomless carpet bag of directorial indulgences, this one sounds more like somebody's odd fantasy. Funny how this rubbish sweeps the internet.

In a funny way I hope I'm completely and utterly wrong, though. I do get a strange bemused amusement from seeing Copolla's ego swirling about like the light on the top of a cop car.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe a Johansson/Winslet duo...