Sunday, November 05, 2006

UK DVD For Tideland Looks Like A Dream Come True

According to Phil Stubbs, allegedly the internet's biggest supporter of Terry Gilliam (ahem), the UK DVD of Tideland is going to be something special.

The Revolver guys are busy working on the UK DVD release and it has bags of extras... 2 DVDs, Gilliam intro, documentaries, interviews, Gilliam commentary...'

Not clear from Phil if any one of these documentaries will be Vincenzo Natali's Getting Gilliam, but I'd bet on it.

For UK customers at least, it looks like the greatest film of 2006 could well end up the greatest DVD of 2007 after all. No idea of a release date yet but you just know I'll be keeping you posted.

All kudos to Revolver, and thanks to Phil for spilling.

[EDIT: Getting Gilliam will be included, and the DVD is scheduled for a release in January 2007. Save your pennies now.]

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