Monday, December 11, 2006

Actual Pornography To Appear On Eventual Borat DVD

During the filming of Borat, the titular character - and by extension, Sacha Baron Cohen - was filmed taking part in an actual scene from an actual shoot for an actual porn film. Little wonder it was cut from the theatrical release.

According to Dan Mazer, talking to Fantasy Moguls, the scene is now most likely to be included on an unrated release of the film on DVD - as an extra feature, rather than reincorporated scene. I would be very surprised to see Cohen take on any more involvement in the pornography than, say, Louis Theroux did for his Weird Weekends TV show, but I also wouldn't be surprised to see other people acting in quite an unfettered, uncensored, explicit and, to many, shocking way. How much were Cohen and co. simply trying to shock, I wonder?

So, what do you reckon: did the film suffer because this scene was deleted? If not, then was there any reason to film it at all? I guess the argument comes down to how much like sculpting you see moviemaking, and how much clay you believe needs to be gathered every bit as much it does your attitudes to the content and where you draw the lines of good and bad taste.

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