Monday, December 04, 2006

Any More Of That Hanky Panky And You'll Be Removed, Sir

If you, like me, are the sort of person who regularly finds themselves unable to concentrate on the film whenever you visit your local cinema due to a seething desire to clobber the oaf nearby who has chosen to have a loud conversation on their mobile phone, then you too will probably be quite delighted to read about the latest developments at Regal Cinemas in the US.

Rumour has it that a pilot scheme is in operation at 25 of the chain’s sites wherein ‘sensible’ looking patrons are provided with a pager-sized remote control device which will allow them to ‘snitch’ on more troublesome cinemagoers at the touch of a button. Not only that, but they will be rewarded with a bounty for their civic duty – a free bucket of popcorn.

Now, despite this sounding like the wild fantasy of some dystopic future, there is potential benefit in this system, provided it doesn't get abused by vindictive individuals who'd do anything for a free box of popcorn and a chance to infringe some civil liberties - and perhaps this is the sort of gimmickry that cinemas need to get people away from their Blu-Rays, come the revolution?


Brendon said...

Since when was Brazil set in the future?

(I'm only pulling you up on this mistake here because it's worth a box of Revels to me)

Hog said...

you have me on that one - revels are yours. only, mind you eat them quietly or I'll have you thrown out...