Sunday, December 10, 2006

Big Budget Snuff Movie Being Made (Again)

A big budget snuff movie on the cards. No not a real snuff movie, but a new 'gritty' horror flick called Snuffed.

Moviehole tells me this will be the directorial debut of Rock Shaink, writer of The Seed, which is a remake of Hidden, a film I know little about.

[EDIT: I know The Hidden, a nifty-enough video-era cult fave with a body-hopping alien parasite being pursued by FBI agents, or similar. I doubt The Seed will be as much fun - Brendon]

The story of Snuffed follows a group of aspiring actors who are cast in a new horror film only to find out that it is actually a snuff film and they will be dying for real.

If only they were making a real snuff movie starring Crazy Frog and The Cheeky Girls - that sounds like something I would go and see...

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Brendon said...

Sounds quite a bit like Bernard Rose's latest, simply called Snuff, I believe. It was released in the UK recently but ona very small scale and I didn't get anything like a chance to see it.