Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Captain Thunder Is Coming

Screen Daily say that a live-action, English language movie adaptation of the popular Spanish comic book series Capitan Trueno is on the cards. The Spanish production company Maltes are currently in the midst of a whip-round, it seems, trying to soak up the 30 to 40 million dollars the film is likely to cost.

The comics are medieval adventures, starring the titular Captain Thunder, and were created by Victor Mora back in 1956. Thunder has a Robin of sorts, the appropriately named Crispin, as well as an Alfred-meets-Andre-the-Giant figure named Goliath.
If the film were to be made in Spain and in Spanish, Javier Bardem would be dead-cert top-choice for the title role, but seeing as an American or Englishman is likely to land the role, I'd guess it's a toss up betweem Bruce Campbell and Rupert Everett.

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