Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Dead Silent Dummy

Dead Silence puppet (click to see the whole pic0!

The picture above is of Billy, a murderous dummy from James Wa
n's upcoming Dead Silence. Wan directed the first Saw, and this will be only his second film. On the evidence of Saw alone, it's going to be quite ludicrous, riddled with plot holes, badly crafted and phenomenally successful at the box office, eventually spawning an ever-more torturous franchise (pun intended).

The new film's plot details a ghostly vengeance enacted with the assistance of 101 creepy dolls. Almost certainly lacking the good natured, tacky schlock of a Charles Band killer doll production, this film is either going to cement Wan's standing in the horror community, or ruin him.

Dread Central scored the exclusive first look at Billy, and also have had a review of the film since August - yep, it's complete, and perhaps tellingly, sitting on the shelf. Only yesterday, it was revealed that the film will be dumped out - sorry, released - in March next year.


Sarah Dobbs said...

Did they thieve that from Buffy?

Brendon said...

Certainly sounds like it.

If Dead Silence is one half as good as Hush, we're in for a treat, though.