Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A Dog's Breakfast

Above is one the most intriguing and darkly comic trailers I have seen in a long while. A Dog's Breakfast features, and is the directorial debut of, David Hewlett - who also stars in Stargate Atlantis. BBC Movies led me to this find.

MGM have snapped up the rights to this movie, which was made by the cast and crew of
Stargate SG1 whenever they weren't busy shooting. While the bigwigs carried on spending all that money producing the sci-fi series this film was made with only $1 million but looks to be the more interesting.

Recently, over 4000
Stargate fans were treated to a surprise screening of a scene from the film - I didn't know there were so many - and latterly, the clip has become a hit on You Tube, suggesting that MGM might just have a sleeper hit on their hands.


Brendon said...

Hewlett is a regular collaborator with Vincenzo Natali, which is one of the reasons I expect A Dog's Breakfast to be a potential winner. I could certainly care less for Stargate.

Sledge said...

I cannot wait for this to surface. Looks really promising.