Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Genius Off Madman

Robert Rodriguez long ago adapted Michael Allred's Madman into a screenplay. In fact, I believe there were several drafts - including one seen tucked under the arm of Johnny Depp in London a couple of years back. Today's official announcement makes it quite clear that this script is dead: Rodriguez will no longer be writing or directing the film, just producing it. The director is to be George Huang, who is working on the script himself, with Allred's input.

So, why has Rodriguez stepped back from directing the film that was apparently, for a good few years at least, a cherished dream project? Could it not wait just a little longer? Well, I'd guess not. I'd guess that, shortly, the option is to slip from Troublemaker's grasp, maybe even Allred's. Just a guess - I can't find any confirmation.

Or maybe Dimension will only pony up the cash if the production is fast tracked, sensing a crash in the comic book movie market? This crazy wave has to reach the beach sometime.

Another possibility is that Rodriguez simply doesn't want to direct the film himself any more. Perhaps he doesn't love the source material the way he once did, or perhaps he thinks he's 'been there, done that' already, or just perhaps, he's found something so wonderfully exciting to do, he's dropped everything else. That might even explain the shelving of Sin City 2 (and don't let anybody tell you otherwise - Sin City 2 is not so much on a back burner but back in the chiller cabinet: Frank Miller is virtually guaranteed to have a couple of years of working on The Spirit before he can commit his time to anything else, while Angelina Jolie is reportedly planning another pregnancy).

There's also a minor possibilty that Huang presented a take on the material to Rodruguez that simply bowled him over.

I don't know why Rodriguez handed Madman over to Huang, I simply wish he hadn't. I hope whatever the two of them have planned can change my mind.

[EDIT: Marty has helpfully pointed out in the comments that Huang has been working on the Madman script for a long time now]

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Marty said...

Well, for whatever it's worth, the script was due to be written by Huang since May 2004 according to Allred.

Maybe the change in direction is because Rodriguez thinks Huang would better adapt the screenplay? Or perhaps Rodriguez wants to get both Sin City 2 AND Madman out as soon as possible? Food for thought.