Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Halloween Stolen

There's a link doing the rounds at the minute, to a a MySpace page hosting video of John Carpenter's Halloween in it's entirety. Plenty of websites and blogs are reporting that this MySpace page is a promotional tool for Rob Zombie's upcoming remake of Halloween but, to be honest, it's pretty obvious right away that this is not the case. The fact that Rob Zombie has another page - and quite a well traficked one at that - is the dead giveaway, but the overall fan-ness of the page should seal the deal for most anyway.

Halloween is being shown illegitimately on that page. Watching it, honestly, would just be wrong. That's why there are no links here, why I'm not playing along. Show your support - for the remake if you wish, or better still for Carpenter's masterpiece - by getting your copy down off of the DVD shelf, or if you don't have it, by ordering one now, and not by supporting this low-quality and stolen copy of it.

And yes, of course, I have reported the MySpace user responsible.

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