Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Inglorious Factoids

So, is Sylvester Stallone going to do Inglorious Bastards or not? First, dozens of sites rush forward saying he is, then the same dozens rush forward saying he isn't. Of course, they're just trying to make news where there is none, drive up their hits and generate content to fill the void.

Here's how it really pans out:

Stallone said, originally, that he had spoken to Tarantino about appearing in the World War II epic, and that, yes, he was actually keen to do it. Then everybody got over excited and seemed to think the film was somehow about to begin shooting - so now, of course, Stallone has had to calm the hysteria (detracting from his intended Rocky Balbao hyping, no doubt) and point out that, actually, Inglorious Bastards is, at the very least, some long months from production and that no further conversation has been had with Tarantino, nothing has been signed. Well - we already knew that. From his first comment. The second wave of stories is completely redundant, the first were comically over excited.

Seems to be that if an actor so much as expresses intent or vaguaries of interest, the whole film geek community expect a trailer for the movie concerned by the weekend. This is not only very boring, it seems somewhat juvenile and is something I'm quickly getting sick of.

I applaud Chud's approach to Indiana Jones IV 'news' - they won't touch it. Most sites have been reporting every breath Ford, Spielberg or Lucas take (and, yes, I've touched on a couple of genuinely noteworthy twists and turns, I think) but Chud are setting a golden example by simple standing back from it all and not getting involved. Good call.


Anonymous said...

You of course did the exact same thing as they did and posted an article on this subject because you have absolutely no interest at all in traffic.

Brendon said...

Well, I haven't done what any number of those sites will have done: put a link on Digg or Reddit to the piece, or given it a sensationalist headline, or circulated it in other ways. I just put it here and people who already come here will now find it, and those who don't wont.

As foor Googlers, I promise that anybody searching 'Stallone Inglorious Bastards' or similar is going to find LOTS of other places popping up before they even have a hope of sifting through to here.

I do like traffic, of course, but not for empty stories. This isn't me just turning my back on something I posted a week or so ago (in this case, had I posted it, it would have been the vague and empty news that Stallone was up for Tarantino's film should it ever happen) in order to get a second run of hits out of it.

What I was doing here was a) capping off all of the Stallone thing in one piece - half the traffic, see, so if I am guilty of anything, I guess it's half a crime at most - at the same time as making my stance on double-dipping posts clear.

This isn't the same as just stoking the Inglorious pot to try and get people to visit.