Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Jonathan Glazer Ad Being Rendered Artificially Controversial?

The new Motorola Red commercial from Johnathan Glazer is online now - which might be a stroke of luck for those of us who had been looking forward to it.

According to Feed, Motorola have denied the ad a TV outing, and none of the creators have agreed to discuss it. They speculate - and I believe correctly - that this is not the beginnings of a real controversy, rather an attempt to generate some oomph for the ad to spread virally. I can see how a product in the Red range, which benefits sufferers of HIV and AIDS in the third world, could be marketed through a campaign of silence, and perhaps of faked stigma and rejection.

For what it's worth, the ad would look incredible if really well projected in a nice dark auditorium, so hopefully Motorola will change tack and some point and actually get this thing out there beyond e-mail inboxes and blogs.

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