Thursday, December 28, 2006

LaGravanese Coming Soon

A new interview with Freedom Writers' writer-director Richard LaGravanese has appeared on Coming Soon. As well as discussing his Jan 5 release he also talks about a number of upcoming projects, one of which appears to be some time off.

Here's what he says about Terry Gilliam's long-gestating The Defective Detective:
There's no status, we're just still trying. There's another draft that we have and we're still trying to push it through the system. I mean, you know it's a very ambitious project, probably cost more than anything else, but for years it's always been about 'the star the star the star', who's in it? But nowadays I feel that there's actually more possibilities. There are more funding people out there, the studio system is sort of changing. I know. I still have faith in it, he's not so sure. His heart's gotten broken a few times.

LaGravanese also responds to the possibility of the film being turned into a comic-book, or being made as an animated film.

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