Monday, December 04, 2006

Loretta Lynch

The Inland Empire publicity stunts keep on coming, which begs the questions How desperate is David Lynch? and Does he know that he's made the first bona-fide turkey of his career?

Apparently, Lynch has now cooked up a special coffee blend, the David Lynch Signature Cup, and will be selling it at the US cinemas - the paltry few - in which Inland Empire will be screening. Once the film hits DVD and stands of fighting chance of being seen by any decent amount of people, those looking for a Signature Cup pick me up will have to order the blend from Lynch's website.

The proceeds from the coffee sales are going straight into Lynch's pocket then right back out again to fund his road-trip of publicity stunts. The director compares his state-to-state print-lugging shenanigans to the adventures of a certain coal miner's daughter, saying he'll be "just like Loretta Lynn - throw the records in the car, we're hitting the road."

Yeah, except Loretta Lynn didn't make what appears to be an ugly, indulgent, half-baked redux of Lost Highway and then try to baffle people into seeing it by tethering a cow to a stick outside Tower Records.


Anonymous said...

Ugly, indulgent? With Lynch at the helm? I'm there.

Brendon said...

Yep: Auteur theory is just another spin on the cult of celebrity.


Dan E. said...

Do you actually have a review of Inland Empire I could read? I saw it and would like to compare my thoughts to yours.