Friday, December 29, 2006

Nanni Moretti Lasts Two Days As Turin Fest Director

Only two days after being appointed the director of the Turin film festival, Nanni Moretti has stood down. According to the Associated Press, Moretti has cited "an atmosphere of tension" as his reason for departing the post.

Of course, this tension has proven to be overtly political - Moretti's film The Caiman, a fictionalised strike at Silvio Berlusconi, was released just days before last April's elections. To a casual observer, this simply suggests that the resulting 2007 Turin Festival - seemingly sanctioned by the right wing critics who caused Moretti these troubles - is going to end up rather politically biased, and undeniably so. Will it atttract a lot of political commentary in it's coverage?

[EDIT: And here's the line with which Moretti resigned:
"With great pain I give up the job and leave you to your... personal grudges.” Brilliant]

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