Thursday, December 21, 2006

Oh Dear Lord - Who Let Him Be In It?

Does this mean Tarantino will be 'acting' in Death Proof?

A series of lobby cards for both halves of Grind House have now appeared at Aint it Cool, along with the film's standee.

Yahoo will have the film's trailer later today (8PM for us UK folk) - hopefully something more than the Planet Terror and Machete clips that ran on Spike.

[EDIT: Yahoo confirm that the trailer will be for the whole package]

[EDIT AGAIN: Now live - and very, very impressive - particularly Death Proof. This Tarantino chap is certainly very fluent in the language of film, isn't he?]

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Uruloki said...

Cool pics, nice shots and a bizarre film... Anything else? I think it's great!