Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Revenge Returns In March

With no remake now to date-match, the Revenge of the Nerds special edition DVD can be let loose whenever Fox choose. They've settled upon March 6th, just in time for my birthday - and, no, that is not a hint.

Key special features include the pilot for the TV spin-off, deleted scenes, the "I'm a nerd and pretty proud of it" featurette and an audio commentary. Sadly, Toby Radloff will not be on this track, but director Jeff Kanew will be, alongside Robert Caradine, Curtis Armstrong and Timothy Busfield. I hope they prove sufficiently nerdy.

There will also be a Gift Set - still not a hint - that contains all of the above and the three immediate sequels for just ten dollars more. That's just three dollars and thirty-three-and-a-third cents per nerd sequel, which, in a scary parallel universe, would make for an exciting bargain.

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