Friday, December 22, 2006

Terry Gilliam's Immortal Storyteller

Phil Stubbs' Dreams website has run a wee scoop on another new Terry Gilliam project. Phil found out from a mysterious informant called 'Dave' that Terry Gilliam has given an interview to Creativity magazine, and in this interview, he talked up the script that he is currently working on.

All Dave told was that the film was "about somebody with eternal life
who's basically a storyteller, but the world has moved on and his brand of storytelling is of no interest" - which was immediately greeted by visitors to the Dreams messageboard as having autobiographical roots in the great director's life. I take issue with any assertion that Gilliam's storytelling is in any way out of date or irrelevant, and sadly, I think he's somewhat less than immortal.

A new Gilliam project from an original story, not a literary adaptation, is a very exciting prospect. Fingers crossed.

[EDIT: Of course, Gilliam already made a film about a storyteller with eternal life who was finding his stories rejected more and more often -
The Adventures of Baron Munchausen. Why I didn't add this to the post in the first place, I do not know]

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