Thursday, December 28, 2006

Think About Disney

Talking to Yahoo, Alex de Iglesia has revealed the film he hopes to make after completing The Oxford Murders. Sounding like a rather difficult, off-kilter nightmare, Think About Disney details the existential crises of a man who 'discovers the true essence of the world around him and lives a hell of his own creation. The only salvation he finds comes through thinking about cartoon characters.'

Though it isn't mentioned, it seems certain that any film with this synopsis would include some Roger Rabbit, Mary Poppins or (more accurately, perhaps) Cool World animation/live action blending. Seems like the technique is undergoing something of a renaissance, with Enchanted and The Animated American also on the cards for the next couple of years. Will they become as prevalent as CG was this year?

Probably not. Though I do think the motion capture filmmaking of Monster House and Beowulf is going to become more and more common, eventually blending seemlessly with 'traditionally' shooting and very probably forming the new norm.

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