Friday, January 12, 2007

Bertolucci, Pupi Avati, Argento And The Taviani Brothers Head Up Cine Citta's 2007 Preview

Thanks to Twitch, I've now seen the Cine Citta preview clip for 2007. Heading it up is a section on new films by heralded Itallian masters, with a couple of them represented by early clips. There's not much new information on offer but some of the clips might be considered newsworthy, particularly those from Argento's The Third Mother.

ater on, the clip focuses on a wave of teen films due to hit in the coming months, one genre that is apparently proving very popular in Italy right now. The reporter also suggests that intergenerational romances are to boom this year.

And then, finally, in the International Projects section there are some stills from Mike Newell's Love in the Time of Cholera. Liev Schreiber with blonde facial hair? Weird.

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