Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bunker Hill

Kevin Willmott's Bunker Hill has wrapped and will now head into post production. The film's premise is an interesting one - though perhaps I'm only thinking that because Right at Your Door was so disappointing and I'm desperate to see a better take on the idea.

The lead, played by James McDaniel of Sunshine State, is a Wall Street Banker who has been spending some time in prison - naughty boy. On release, he relocates to the appropriately named Bunker Hill... and just in time for what appears to be a massive terrorist attack. With obvious allegorical value, the story goes on to detail the return of Bunker Hill's militant legacy, with a group of ruling gunmen forming and eventually subjecting the town's people to cruelty, torture, even murder. When aren't stories like this timely? Because that's when I want to live.

Saeed Jaffrey is also in the cast, which really can't be a bad thing. I'm going to have to retro-edit this one into my Films to watch in 2007 list.

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Rapnix said...

I am currently hearing you on radio 2...very cool...I was just visiting your site at the time as well...=D