Monday, January 08, 2007

Daniel Craig And Nicole Kidman

Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman have taken part in a fashion photoshoot together, for
W magazine, and Style are running a preview slideshow right now.

As well you know, Craig and Kidman are starring in
The Golden Compass, New Line's end-of-year fantasy cash cow from the wonderful Phillip Pullman book (what you may not know, if you haven't read the book is that - SPOILER ALERT! - they are playing the parents of the tween lead, Dakota Blue Richards as Lyra Bellacqua)

Already the film is being hyped on an almost daily basis by the studio, and these shots won't hurt the cause any. People tend to find this pair rather easy on the eye, I've noticed.

Golden Compass, however, Craig and Kidman will be seen on screen together in The Invasion, Olvier Hirschbiegel's dust-gathering remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, long since completed but still months from release. I don't know a soul who has seen the whole thing, but I do have it on very good authority that producer Joel Silver consulted his Wachowski-chums over a last act rejig, and that their suggestions led to some dispute between producer and director. This is probably the first and last argument in which I can imagine myself siding with Oliver Hirschbiegel.

Even if
Invasion tanks - and it's not going to be a smash, I'm pretty sure of that - it will at least keep the Craig-Kidman flame flickering. It might turn out, in the worst case scenario, to be nothing more than a very expensive, overlong and rather boring trailer for their Golden Compass match-up.

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