Saturday, January 20, 2007

David Koepp On, Sam Raimi Off? Sony Start Making Plans For Spider-Man 4

ComingSoon sez: David Koepp is in talks to write Spider-Man 4. This suggest to me that they're having to plan on moving ahead without Sam Raimi.

Any Raimi-directed fourth episode would likely be scripted by Alvin Sargent, his collaborator on 2 and 3, and possibly plotted out by Raimi and his brother Ivan as per this year's installment. I honestly believe that Koepp wouldn't get a look in.

So, do ComingSoon have it wrong? Or is Raimi leaving the Spider-Man series?

[EDIT: As I've ben remined, Sargent is married to producer Laura Ziskin, so if this Koepp story does turn out to be true it might well indicate her departure from the series more so than Raimi's]


Anonymous said...

So that's ultimately where all comic book movies go:
costumes with nipples and sun man as the villain. Weeps to himself...

Can't they just finish on a good note for once?!!!

Uatu The Watcher said...

This always seems to happen. Everyone says they are out until enough money is dumped on the table and important names are attached.