Wednesday, January 10, 2007

First Look At Coraline's World

Neil Gaiman has posted to his blog a couple of pics from the studio where Coraline is being animated. You get to see plenty of little trees, beautiful little trees and... not much else.

There is a little more to the image above than you might first realise, however, even after clicking on it to make it bigger. See how the trees to the left are less... well, full-bodied? As Gaiman put it,
"As Coraline walks away from the Other House, the trees are less like trees and more like the idea of trees" and as Sellick's team built it, well, it looks pretty good.

These pictures do suggest the style of the upcoming Henry Sellick adaptation and it's just as gorgeous I expected. Wonderful. More please.

[EDIT: And Gaiman has recently added a second post on the subject]

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