Monday, January 29, 2007

Football Wives

Football Wives is to be the US version of Footballer's Wives. I'm assuming the name change means some of the wives will be married to managers and so on, because there's no other reason for it, surely?

A few months ago, it was revealed that Bryan Singer was going to be producing the show and that he might even direct the pilot episode. At the moment, there's still been no clarification on this, but casting news is starting to leak out. Casting news of dubious veracity, but casting news nonetheless.

Some tabloid scamps in the UK are reporting that Heather Mills is negotiating a lead role in the series. Doesn't seem like the sort of casting Singer would normally go for...

The articles also imply that show is still about soccer and this is the real red flag for me. No American show about Soccer would be called Football Wives, surely? Wouldn't that be Soccer Wives?


Anonymous said...

The reason for the name change is presumably that no one in the US would ever use the phrase "footballer". They would say "football player", and footballers wives are referred to as "football wives".

Don Murphy said...

Footballer is not a word in the USA

Bryan IS doing the pilot now

Brendon said...

Again, a priceless Don Murphy intervention. Sometimes I wish Don would just write for film ick - or at least send me stories.

Exclusives preferably - wink, wink.

Anonymous said...

Odds are it's not being called "Footballers' Wives" because in the US, "Footballer" is a non-term. We don't have footballers here. We have football players. Semantics, but basically it wouldn't make sense.

And from what I heard, it will be about American Football, yes.