Sunday, January 28, 2007

Grind House Info Aplenty

The New York Times today have an article on Grind House, talking to just about everybody involved. If you don't have time to read it, then here's a few bullet points:

  • Planet Terror is 80 minutes long, Death Proof around 90.
  • There are four trailers between the two features: one by Eli Roth, one Edgar Wright, one by Rob Zombie and one by Robert Rodriguez.
  • Tarantino suggests that Death Proof is missing a reel too - we already new Planet Terror is.
  • Josh Brolin and Marley Shelton's characters in Planet Terror are a married couple; Rose McGowan's character is the ex-girlfriend of Freddy Rodriguez'.
  • In one scene, Brolin's character tortures his wife by 'slowly and deliberately pricking her hands with her own needles' - she's an anesthesiologist, so, er... Brrrrr!
  • Tarantino is claiming to have cooked up one of the top-three car chases of all time, if not the greatest, citing Vanishing Point as partial inspiration.
  • The dialogue for the lead female characters in Death Proof is compared to a mix of Sex and the City and teenage girls' MySpace profiles.
Sounds good, but the article doesn't seem to be exactly on the money. For one thing, I thought this was Grind House now, but the article constantly refers to it as Grindhouse; for another, there's no mention of Tarantino's Swedish Cowgirls trailer.

Maybe I'm just behind the times - but then, so is Grind House. Definitively, deliciously and deliriously from another time.

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Anonymous said...

Grindhouse (one word) is the official name for the movie. You can see that on the official site, teaser, and IMDB page.