Thursday, January 25, 2007

Halloween Shooting Any Day Now - With A Script Very Much Like The One Slated Online

Rob Zombie doesn't seem to care what online critics think. Either that or he has no choice, because he's going to start filming his Halloween remake any day now. Everybody's saying that the shooting script is unchanged in face of the infamous criticisms that popped up online, and any alterations are part of only Zombie's usual rewrite process. More power to him: as far as I can tell, his script is not a patch on the original and his remake is going to look silly against Carpenter's film, but he has a vision, he believes in it and he's not taking any smack from anybody.

According to a Sheri Moon fansite, his good lady wife will be in the first scenes to be filmed. They'll be flashbacks, and they'll shot on Super 8 - something like Peter Chelsom did in Funny Bones.

[EDIT: Fangoria have now broken the news that filming has already begun, and that some Carpenter fans turned up at the studio and protested outside the soundstage]

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