Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Ken Russell In Big Brother House

Ken Russell is one of the inmates imprisoned in this year's Celebrity Big Brother house, here in the UK.

Within minutes his dialogue had to be muted - for profanity - and he used the word 'mad' in a potentially offensive manner. Good start.


Sledge said...

I saw.
What is going on ?!

Mart said...

Aw come on Brendon - tell them your unbelievable Ken Russell story. You know you want to.

Brendon said...

I will do - but nobody will believe me.

Maybe Ken will chip in and validate the facts once he's evicted.

Mark said...

Oh go on. Or at least tell me by email. Will it affect my lifelong love of the game old bugger?

Brendon said...

It will probably only enhance the feelings you have, Mark.

I'll post it later in his Big Brother run.