Sunday, January 14, 2007

Looking At Elisha Cuthbert While Wet Is Not Allowed

The folk at Clips and Quips headed down to the set of Yann Sammuel's My Sassy Girl remake on Friday, hoping to get an interview with the star, Elisha Cuthbert and some behind the scenes footage of her on set. Unfortunately, the unit publicist had another idea. Here's their take on events:

They have all these rain machines set up, which are basically these sprinklers set on very very high pipes. They were making some pretty convincing weather. In this scene, Elisha Cuthbert and Jesse Bradford run through the rain into a building as the doorman meets them at the entrance with an umbrella. And then they do it again and again and again. After filming for a minute or so, the publicist gets a message from someone higher up. Apparently, we're not supposed to film the actors when they're wet... Is this a vanity issue? Is the rain a crucial plot point that will give everything away? I'm not even totally clear on that, especially since from our vantage point we could really only see the back of the actors.

Well, fortunately, I've got a picture right here of what they weren't allowed to film. Below, you'll see Ms. Cuthbert, soaked down (oo-er) between takes of that very scene.

I can't see what the fuss is all about personally. Seems like a cruel and unnecessary snub.

A regards My Sassy Girl... I waited some years to see how Sammuel would follow up his debut, the erratic but inspired Love Me if You Dare, and frankly, I was hoping for more than a remake of a tiresome Korean romcom with a script from the writer of Bend it Like Beckham... but here's hoping, anyway.

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