Saturday, January 27, 2007

Not On A Hill

From the Basement is a web-hawked music show originally conceived by Nigel Godrich, Adam Buxton (of Adam and Joe and, latterly, Hot Fuzz), Garth Jennings and Sophie Muller. The title was Jennings' idea, Buxton was at some point to present (though now, there is no presenter and everything focuses very closely on the artists and the music ) and Muller has directed.

The first episode is available now, from the official site as well directly from iTunes, and features Thom Yorke, The White Stripes and Kieran Hebden of Four Tet. Sadly, it's not free like a lot of good stuff online, but it's not desperately overpriced: £9.48 for the whole show or £1.89 for each segment, which I dare say, fans will shell out in the blink of an eye. The trailer might convince some of the rest of us.

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