Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Rachel Weisz? No... They Mean Rose McGowan, Don't They?

It has been suggested to me by one of the handful of anonymous Sin City sequel pre-production staff that contributed to a very hotly contested earlier film ick story, that Robert Rodriguez was considering a replacement for Angelina Jolie in the Dame to Kill For cast list. It wasn't anything other than hearsay, really, coming from a single source and with no evidence presented in back up, so I didn't report it. This morning, though, it has taken one step closer to being actual, real news.

Several sites have picked up on Cinema Blend's original suggestion that Jolie is to be replaced by Rachel Weisz in the next Sin City's lineup. That was certainly news to me - and I suspect it may well be news to Rodriguez and company too. Who knows what's really going on as regards Sin City 2? So many conflicting reports - to which, I admit, I am adding, though with the best intentions.

But Weisz wasn't the name I was given. I was told that Rose McGowan was the preferred replacement for Ava Lord. As I said - there was nothing to back this up, even if it did come from somebody related to the production.

For some real and verifiable Sin City 2 news, I suggest you check back on today's previous posts...

[EDIT: Somebody in the comments below - and, with reason, I believe it to be somebody related to Cinema Blend - has taken objection to this article without understanding it. They seem to think my previous post about Disney registered domain names is 'made up, oportunistic and stolen' when it is clearly nothing of the sort (and neither is anything else I post). Either that or they aren't saying what they mean]


Love said...

I think Rachel Weisz would be a better choice than Angilina Jolie.

Anonymous said...

When you said real and verifiable I think you meant made up, opportunistic, and stolen.

Nice job giving a link while puffing yourself up for no reason.

There's a reason this is regarded as the worst movie blog on the internet.

Brendon said...

I didn't have to post the above comment, I could have denied it.

I only report what I am told.

I suspect the above - not surprisingly anonymous - comment has some root in earlier issues I have had with Cinema Blend.

Namely that they stole stories from me.

delmondo fox said...

Ignore'm. Not much of a blog poster but I likes this movie blog, Mr Brendon. Keep going...keep puffing...I read it and so does my wife. Stuff'm

Howard said...

This sounds like a sad attempt by Rose McGowan’s management and this website to piggyback on the Rachel Weisz casting news.

Brendon said...

Well, for my part, I just thought of the old Rose McGowan titbit I was e-mailed and thought "What the heck. Now's the time to share it, if ever I will".

And why not? I mean, it's reported as just what it was.

I think, to be honest, some people close to Robert Rodriguez don't much like Rose and they like stirring. I think was possibly born out of their desire to kick up a fuss.

But I dunno. Whatever. Just an odd rumour I was sent.