Wednesday, January 17, 2007

What Links A DVD Of Pixar Shorts, Sin City 2 And Jimmy Kimmel Almost Getting Shot?

There's a teaser for you. What does link a DVD of Pixar's short films, the Sin City sequel and Jimmy Kimmel almost getting shot? Well, it also links Bridge to Terabithia, a Honolulu production of the Lion King musical and the long delayed DVD release of Neverwas with Aaron Eckhart, Ian McKellen and Alan Cumming.

Is that enough clues? Do you give up?

Well, the answer lies at The Disney Enquirer. They done the requisite snooping and have dug up a list of recently registered domain names belonging to them there Disney folks.

All very interesting. While we knew that a DVD of Pixar shorts was imminent, it's good to know it's likely coming soon; the Jimmy Kimmel site seems to be set up for a parody of Grey's Anatomy; Sin City 2 has now got it's own DVD-related URL, so somebody must know something about the project that the rest of us - including the cast - don't.

Patiently brace yourself, if you must, for official announcements regarding the above in the coming months.

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