Thursday, February 22, 2007

Aniston's Breasts Cause Flurry Of Legal Fist Shaking

Top tip - don't go clicking on the link in this post unless you are a) over the required legal age in your home territory b) not at work, school or the prison library and c) not offended by (apparently) semi-nude, highly-salaried one-time stars of massively successful sitcoms.

Universal have been going crazy at any websites to post the probably-very-fake image of Jennifer Aniston topless on the set of
The Break-Up. There's lawsuits a-go-go, I'm sure, but I still don't know why Ansiton wouldn't wear moleskin patches over her nipples when shooting the scene. I'm not a believer, I'm afraid.

Perhaps Aniston, Peyton Reed or Eric Edwards can speak up and silence the debate/cut off Universal's 'all publicity is good publicity' campaign.

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