Thursday, February 15, 2007

Completely Unsubstantiated Zach Braff Casting Rumour

Music Slut have passed on an utterly preposterous Zach Braff rumour that might just turn out to be true.


They say that Zach Braff is being lined up to play Elliott Smith in "an '08 biopic". Hmmmm. Sounds like the wishful thinking of somebody who balances their pile of Elliot Smith bootlegs by heaping Shins rarities at the other end of the shelf.

I like Braff, he's fine but I love the music of Elliott Smith.


Mark said...

For a start, they're hardly much of a physical match now, are they?

Rockin' Rich said...

Braff plays himself well, but to portray Smith, some actual acting would be required, I'd imagine...