Wednesday, February 07, 2007


There's been a lot going on here recently. For one thing, I'm in the midst of some serious, annoying and frequently painful dental procedures, while for another, film ick has now taken on a shorter, easier to use URL. Now you can find us at the plain-and-simple, instead of (or as well as) the unwieldy old blogspot address. A new HTML face lift is on the cards too - if you think you might be able to help with that, please get in touch because we're very much still exploring possibilities and potential directions.

Plenty of big stories have broken on film ick over the last couple of weeks, some of which later turned up on the more famous sites. We told you about Kate Beckinsale and Whiteout days ahead of the pack; we had a full week lead on the three new Henson fantasy films; our Mountains of Madness review is perhaps the most comprehensive preview of Guillermo del Toro's upcoming project you can find online; Son of Rambow has been our pet film for months now; we've had plenty of Hot Fuzz goodness; and, of course, the Spider-Man 3 spoilers just keep on coming.

Please take some time to look back over our past stories, share links, even submit scoops to some of the more famous sites so that they might link back here. It's because of the readers and their support that film ick even exists in the first place. Help us broaden our reach and bring new readers, maybe even subscribers, into the fold. Here's the simplest way how: send an e-mail to your friends that says " - A good film site I know. Pass it on" or something similar. That's all it takes.

Thanks for coming here, for reading or subscribing. I promise that good things are coming, even if I'm not allowed to talk about them yet.

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Sledge said...

Exciting, exciting times.
Ever thought about a logo ?
I'll mess about on Photoshop this evening.