Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Disney Mysteries Popping Up Online

The Disney Inquisitor is forever going through the virtual black bin bags of the internet, looking for even the tiniest tidbit of Mouse House information. In his latest haul, he has dredged up several interesting URLs, newly registered by Disney. They appear to reveal several new projects as yet unannounced in any other way.

From CAPTAIN-NEMO-MOVIE.COM we see that a Captain Nemo movie appears to be on the cards - remake of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, or some kind of spin off?

No relative to the Captain, Little Nemo gets a look in too. LITTLE-NEMO-IN-SLUMBERLAND.COM intrigues me particularly. A new film, or have Disney bought the rights to the previous version? Perhaps it will be an ongoing TV series? That could work.

There's also remake potential in LIGHTPRINCESS-THEMOVIE.COM but only time will tell if this relates to the previous film of the same name, or not.

And there's a few more giveaways in this little lot:


Fascinating stuff.

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