Friday, February 02, 2007

A Dog With A Long Tail

David Hewlett has spoken to Arts Hub about his film, A Dog's Breakfast and just how it became the phenomenon it has.

I missed a chance to see the film yesterday because I was undergoing a marathon bout of violence, enacted upon my jaw by a polite medical professional armed with an entire tray of scary, shiny props from Hostel, or maybe even Brazil. Now I have a big hole inside my mouth, a constant pain to remind me that my next appointment is just a couple of days away, and didn't get to see a film I'm very keen to catch.

Trust me - I don't skip films as intriguing as this one for anything that still leaves me able to stand, walk or talk.

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Jeannie said...

Hi Brendon,

Thought you might be interested on another David Hewlett article, again with Arts Hub.

Hewlett really gets film-making .. knowing your market before the film is made - how novel huh! It's an interesting article, and there's a bit of coverage on 'A Dog's Breakfast' of course :)