Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Doug Jones Reveals Hellboy 2 Juice To VH1

In a new interview with VH1, Doug Jones has revealed a whole heap of interesting Hellboy 2 bits and pieces.

Firstly, it seems that David Hyde Pierce will not be providing the voice of Abe Sapien this time around. As per the animated films, Jones will be speaking the role himself. I'm not so sure about this being a good idea.

Secondly, Abe isn't Jones' only character this time round. He'll also be playing three other make-up jobs:

The Angel of Death - "It's another eyeless thing with huge wings, and he's got a weird little ribcage. He's beautiful. I'm going into my fittings this week."

The Chamberlain - "His head is way up here, and he's very, very cylindrical in shape with these arms that just hang down to the side."

And a "befuddled old wizard" - "He's the closest to human. He's this old-looking, saggy-skinned, weird-eared sort of fella that I'll be showing up as. I'm not sure if there's dialogue for him yet. He was a recent addition."

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Logan said...

so it was not jones himself who made the voice for ABE? I always thining .
I liked this voice ,it's was ,calm and cool and really synchro with the movements of the face.