Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Genies Snub Magic

Tideland has been snubbed at the Canadian Genie awards, the only major prizes for which it had been nominated. Instead - and in the typical partisan style that always marrs the Baftas, Cesars, Oscars and so on - the gongs were handed out in a genuinely confusing fashion.

The Rocket scooped Best Director for
Charles Biname plus Cinematography, Art Direction, Costume, Editing, Lead Actor and Actress and Supporting Actor and Sound Editing - but not best film.

That went to Eric Canuel's Bon Cop, Bad Cop (the Canadian Hot Fuzz) which was also rewarded with Acheivement in Overall Sound and the Golden Reel.

I know - it doesn't add up. A film supposedly towers above its competition which, somehow, is actually better in most regards. Typical. This stuff drives me nuts. It seem like all they were doing was rewarding Bon Cop, Bad Cop for it's record breaking box office.

Grrrrr! And please 'don't get me started' on the Dayton/Faris snub in the Directing category of the Oscars this year. I'll go supernova.

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