Saturday, February 17, 2007

Grindhouse Being Split Into Two Films, Released Three To Five Months Apart

This news comes from Variety, so you know that you can trust it.

Grindhouse is going to be split into two separate films, Grindhouse: Planet Terror and Grindhouse: Death Proof and released with three to five months between installments. No news yet on which will be released first, or what will become of the fake trailers.

Of course, this isn't happening in the US. Thankfully, it isn't happening in the UK or Australia, either. It appears to be set only for non-English speaking territories - and maybe not all of them.

Is there any upside? Well, there is talk of the two films in the split-release being extended cuts. Not director's cuts, mind, just longer, padded ones. So... er... no. No upside.


Uruloki said...

I'm very disappointed with that announce. I'm Spanish and they give the reason that here, we don't have tradition to long cinema sessions... ¿WTF? It's a stupid decision... always the same... another way to said that there are countries of first class and second class.

Logan said...

i join uruloki on his advice !
I'm french ,and i'm very disapointed that US STUDIo and french distrubutor agree to split in two GRINDHOUSE.
i'll be curious to know the advice of tarantino and rodriguez about that.