Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Hot Fuzz Chat, Continued

Here's even more question and answer fun with Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright.

sandford asked "any message for the people of Sandford? This place is talking about nothing else, from 5 years old to 95 they all cant wait to see your movie"; Simon replied "is that the real Sandford, Gloucester? because we based the town on the fictional village used in police training".

TeK23 asked Nick "Did your 2 episodes of The Bill help out with this one?"; Nick replied "It was another actor called Nick Frost who has now stopped acting".

stereosforgeeks asked "What do you guys order at the pub?"; Edgar replied "gin and tonic please"; Nick replied "Kronenbourg 1664"; Simon replied "I am currently enjoying Hoegarten".

Jayster asked "I just tripped up my stairs and kicked a doorframe...any comments?"; Simon replied "Suck it up".

Rob asked "How much training did you do to use the weapons in the film?"; Simon replied "A couple of days. Two of the happiest of my life"; Nick replied "A lifetime".

Llama asked "Can Hot Fuzz match Casino Royale for extreme product placement?"; Edgar replied "Yes it will. Hot Fuzz contains huge product placement for Cornettos, Somerfield supermarkets, Maryland cookies, Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey ice cream and Vauxhall Astras".

widowspider said "Edgar, Simon and Nick - big shout out to all the guys from the Spaced Out forum who couldn't make it on here. They all say hello! And thanks Edgar for keeping us up to date - we appreciate it!"; Simon replied "hi widow and hi to the Spaced Out massive, our oldest friends".

syorkslad asked "Can dogs look up?"; Simon replied "of course they ***ing can!!"

Weezy asked "What was the last CD you all bought?"; Nick replied "The Klaxons".

fallguy2478 asked "Is that the theme from Pelham 123 in the trailer?"; Edgar replied "Yes indeed it is the Pelham 123 theme".

spunge_mad asked " Who has the most tantrums onset?"; Simon replied "Edgar has really good pretend tantrums".

Weezy asked "Is Jessica Stevenson making a cameo in Hot Fuzz?"; Simon replied "No".

Sharpei_Diem124 asked "Any chance we might see Nick and Simon using swords in the next film?"; Nick replied "that would be a personal dream fulfilled".

elliot2005 asked which were the "Top 5 action movies that have influenced Hot Fuzz?"; Edgar replied "Police Academy, Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment, Police Academy 3: Back In Training, Police Academy 4: Citizens On Patrol, Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach...City Under Siege and Mission To Moscow narrowly missed out."

beardym asked Nick and Simon "How do you relax when on set but not filming?"; Nick replied "watching Arrested Development and playing PSP and heroin".

albino_ewok asked "A Better Tomorrow, Hard Boiled or The Killer?"; Edgar replied "Hard Boiled although A Better Tomorrow 2 is worth checking out for the ending".

PaulHoppy asked Nick "What's your favourite or ideal flavour of Cornetto?"; Nick replied "mint-choc-chip".

Rocktzar asked "If you had a 'get out of jail free' card, what would you do?"; Nick replied "
Get out of jail".

Jon 79 asked Edgar "Would you like to do more acting?"; Edgar replied "I am taking over the role of hermione in The Half Blood Prince".

Emma asked "Top five science fiction films?"; Simon replied "Spaceballs 1-5".

Phill asked "What props did you keep of either movie?"; Simon replied "A lot of spent shotgun shells".

dumbass asked "if shot in the shoulder or arm, how long could you run for?"; Simon replied "2,428 years".

Ant asked "Who has the softer facial hair, Simon or Bill Bailey?"; Edgar replied "Bill Bailey by a country mile".

Rob asked "Did either of you do any of the driving of police cars in the film or was it done by pro drivers?"; Nick ducked it with "We try and do as many of our own stunts as possible but sometimes you're just not allowed"; Simon replied "Yes I did a handbreak turn in Wells Town Square".

jakerg23 asked Edgar "If you could do a music video for any band, who would it be?"; Edgar replied "The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion".

spunge_mad asked "What is the most rock and roll thing that happened througout shooting?"; Nick replied "Simon jumped into our pool with his clothes on, onto an inflatable shark and shouted the word 'zoidberg'".

Phill asked " How was it working with Paddy Considine?"; Edgar replied "Paddy truly is the Midland's De Niro"

PC24386 asked "I'm a Police Officer, is it possible to get a Sandford Police tie pin?"; Simon replied "We'll look into it".

Weezy asked "If there was a film of your life, who would play you?"; Simon replied "Michael Sheen or John Simm".

And again, time for a rest. There's lots more to come, and most of it doesn't get quite so silly. As Shaw Taylor would have said, "Keep 'em peeled" for the next Hot Fuzz webchat update.

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