Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Joss Whedon Talks Buffy Movie Plans With VH1

Joss sez: At some point you have to let go of that fear. The movie audience is going to be different. In terms of a Buffy movie, both David [Boreanaz] and Sarah [Michelle Gellar] have pretty much got swinging careers and have never really wanted to revisit the characters anyway. It's doubtful that would happen. I never say never, and it would be fun to do it with them. I would be willing to overlook certain discrepancies. Ultimately, a movie would have to pick them up later in their lives anyway. I would have to fudge it with David, like "He got his mortality back for five years and then he lost it again," or something like that. I don't think anybody's going to mind that much if they get a movie" - more at VH1.


Rich D said...

How would such a movie line up with the new "Buffy Season 8" comic that Joss is overseeing for Dark Horse Comics/

Brendon said...

Would presumbaly follow it. Or maybe follow season 9, 10, 11... of comics, depending on how well this series does.