Tuesday, February 13, 2007

New Twos

The current BBC 2 idents are getting thrown out this weekend, with a new set in place from Sunday. Above are some stills from the BBC press office that preview three in the series: Mirror, Zoetrope and Chase.

Each ident starts through the two, pulling back to reveal the images above as events play out. The concept, apparently, was titled Windows on the World. Wait until you see the one called Cappuccino - it doesn't really fit that template at all, I think they just wanted a cappuccino in there somewhere.

Don't like these new 2s? Well, the BBC are actually going to allow you to download the two template and make your own 'Citizen Ident'. Where, how and if these will ever be broadcast, I don't know, but film ick will keep you posted on this promotion as it goes live.

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