Thursday, February 01, 2007

Nottingham's Politics

Russell Crowe is to play the Sheriff of Nottingham in... well, in Nottingham, appropriately enough. The film is a thoroughly revisionist retread of the Robin Hood stories, this time with the Sheriff as our protagonist and unruly Robin as the antagonist. What's to say this ends up having some (most likely misfiring) critique of the Bush administration woven in? Something about how Robin's heroism is just mythical and how, really, he's just a crook? I wouldn't be surprised one iota. Comparing Bush to Robin Hood is a dangerous game, however, and runs the risk of simply being muddy. We'll see.

The film is now set up to go at Universal, freshly greenlit with a full tank of cash. At other studios Bryan Singer and Sam Raimi were actually attached to direct, but now it seems that both are out of the frame and, odds are, somebody somewhat less interesting will end up in the chair. Of course, one Tony Grisoni rewrite in this could make a very interesting Terry Gilliam project... but I'm not even going to hope.

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