Friday, February 16, 2007

Over The Rainbow

Variety sez: Zooey Deschanel will be playing 'DG' alongside Alan Cumming's raggedy man Glitch in the SciFi Channel's Tin Man.

The series is a riff on The Wizard of Oz, in case you haven't already been told or couldn't work it out, and this pair are stand-ins for, essentially, the Dorothy and Scarecow roles.

All they need to do now is cast Jon Heder as the Cowardly Lion (Or Liger?) and Alan Tudyk as the titular Tin fella...

Okay. Maybe that's just me and my typecasting ways.

The series will run to six hours, air at Christmastime and is being directed by Nick Willing - who recently resurrected Jackanory with the assistance of Ben Kingsley and John Sessions. As Willing also has versions of Jason and the Argonauts and Alice in Wonderland on his resume it's not hard to imagine how he ended up in the hot seat for Tin Man.

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