Sunday, February 25, 2007

Quentin Tarantino To Program Films For The New Beverly

Do you live in LA? Then you are very, very lucky. And that's not anything I thought I'd ever say since I spent far too long there.

Now, though, everything's looking rosy in LA, until May at least, because Quentin Tarantino has programmed two full months at The New Beverly Cinema. The New Bev is just the right venue for him, not least because every single show is at least a double feature.

He's lined up The Mack and The Chinese Mack; Machine Gun McCain and Wipeout; The Van, Pick-Up Summer and Summer Camp; Rolling Thunder and The Town that Dreaded Sundown; Chinese Hercules and Black Dragon; Sex With a Smile, Sex on the Run and The Oldest Profession; Brotherhood of Death and Johnny Tough; Autopsy and Eyeball; Coonskin, Shame of the Jungle and Tunnel Vision; Pretty Maids All in a Row and Revenge of the Cheerleaders; Fearless Fighters and Supermanchu; The Blood Spattered Bride, Asylum of Blood and Mary, Mary, Bloody Mary; The Lady in Red and Bare Knuckles; The Female Bunch and Wonder Women; White Line Fever and Retrun to Macon County; The Girl From Starship Venus and Legend of the Wolf Woman; Slithis and Screams of a Winter Night; Hot Summer in Barefoot County and Redneck Miller; The Muthers and Fight for your Life; Dragon's Vengeance and Kung Fu: The Punch of Death; The Swinging Barmaids, The Swingin' Pussycats and The Swinging Cheerleaders; Grave of the Vampire and Jailbait Babysitter; Return of the Tiger and Stoner; Death Rage and Cry of the Prostitute; The Real Bruce Lee and Lee Lives Within.

I had to put the whole list there. The whole incredible list.

I remember the first time I saw The Van (a Dodge, not a Chevy, don't believe the hit-parade hype) which was in 1982, I believe. I would have been only 9 years old and then, for at least 20 years, I wanted to make my own Van film. I think I've had it out of my system for a while now.

On April 5th, the New Beverly will be previewing Grind House, and I dare say the man himself will be in attendance, redefining the term 'wrong place at the wrong time' for little ol' Oxford bound me.

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